Nordic Game Jam: Create a game about Nordic Food and win 10,000 dkr, for a trip to GDC in San Francisco


Nordic Game Jam together with Nordic Game we are happy to announce a twenty days game competition for all our talented NGJ12 participants. The challenge for the competition is to make the best game about Nordic Food and win 10 000 kr for a trip to GDC in San Francisco! Nordic Game will be cooperating with its sister program of the Nordic Council of Ministers, New Nordic Food , in creating a special event during this year's GDC in San Francisco.

 The event is planned to contain a special Nordic dinner as well as the infamous Nordic Party. As part of this, a competition is being launched for the Nordic Game Jam 2012 participants. The goal is to create a game about Nordic Food within the next three weeks before the NGJ12 starts.

The competing creations will then be reviewed by Jacob Riis of Nordic Game and Charlotta Ranert of New Nordic Food, and a winner will be selected and announced at the NGJ12 Award Ceremony on Sunday, 29th of January. The winner will receive 10 000 kr. to use for a flight ticket to SF and a admission pass for GDC. If the game is of appropriate quality, it will be displayed during the event in San Francisco. 

The deadline for submissions is 12:00 (noon) on Friday, 27th of January. Email all submission to competition@If you can see this, please update your The submission email should contain the following information: - about the creators of the game, - description, instructions and link to the game, - optional, but recommended is in-game video (especially if the game runs on other platforms but PC and requires game accessories).

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